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Understanding Surrogacy Insurance

Because of all the resources and services that go into ensuring you have a safe and successful surrogacy process, you will be expected to cover various costs. Surrogacy insurance can help manage those costs.

Contact a surrogacy professional to get skilled assistance when determining the surrogacy insurance available to you. Continue reading to find answers to people’s most common questions about surrogacy and insurance.

While there are some insurance companies that cover surrogacy, fertility, and infertility, everyone’s plan is different. In the article below, we break what you should know about surrogacy insurance.

Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy?

Each insurance company’s policies concerning gestational surrogacy coverage are different.

Because each intended parent’s insurance is a case-by-case situation, you won’t know if your medical coverage includes surrogacy insurance until you:

One of the benefits of talking with a surrogacy professional about your insurance is that they can help you:

Does Surrogacy Insurance Cover Infertility Treatments?

Some insurance policies cover infertility treatments. So, this type of insurance would cover a surrogate’s in vitro fertilization (IVF) but would not cover her medical expenses.

Currently, 15 states have laws that require insurance coverage for infertility treatment. But, this law is only applicable to specific plans. The variables that can affect this law include:

How Does Surrogacy Work With Insurance?

Because all insurance is different, the gestational surrogate you work with will also need to check if their insurance will cover surrogacy.

When it comes to gestational surrogacy, insurance typically goes one of two ways:

It’s essential to have your surrogacy professional study the gestational surrogate’s policy so you know how many out-of-pocket medical and maternity expenses you have to cover. Your surrogacy contract will detail all the extra expenses that are your responsibility to pay.

How Does My Baby get on My Insurance Policy?

Your surrogacy professional will help you add your baby to your insurance policy before they are born. The surrogate’s insurance policy won’t cover your newborn child’s medical needs.

What Types of Things Does Surrogacy Insurance Cover?

While everyone’s insurance policies are different, the following are some of the medical expenses that some insurance policies cover.

Remember to check with your surrogacy professional to make sure the surrogate you choose to work with has an insurance policy that will at least cover part of the surrogacy medical costs. Out-of-pocket expenses can be costly.

Can I Buy Surrogacy Insurance?

If your insurance and the surrogate you’re working with don’t have a policy that provides surrogacy insurance, you have three options.

  1. Pay for the surrogacy medical costs on your own
  2. Buy the surrogate a new policy that includes surrogacy insurance
  3. Get a supplemental insurance policy (two options include ART Risk Financial and Surrogacy Solutions and New Life Agency)

Your surrogacy professional will be able to determine which of these options is best for your situation.

How Can I Pay for the Remaining Cost of My Surrogacy Journey?

If you have to pay for some of your surrogacy costs, you are likely looking for alternative ways to help fund your surrogacy.

First, make a budget to determine what you can and can’t afford. While a surrogacy professional will tell you that unexpected surrogacy costs can arise during your surrogacy journey, they may be able to help ensure your surrogacy doesn’t go over a certain amount.

Next, consider alternative ways to get money for the surrogacy instead of surrogacy insurance. Some intended parents consider:

Talk to a financial planner to better understand what’s possible for your family.

Are You Ready to Start Your Surrogacy Journey?

It’s essential to work with a surrogacy professional so they can check to see if you can use surrogacy insurance to help cover some of the costs of surrogacy. Contact a surrogacy professional today to embark on your path to parenthood.

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