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Completing an International Surrogacy as an American Surrogate

Prospective surrogates can choose intended parents they are comfortable with, and this may include intended parents who are interested in completing a surrogacy overseas.

If you are interested in completing an international surrogacy journey for intended parents who live overseas, you should seek out an international surrogacy agency that understands the international surrogacy process.

While international surrogacy programs can answer every detailed question you have about this process (you can contact us today if you want to learn more about international surrogacy pros and cons), you can find some of the basic information you need to know here.

How Does International Surrogacy Work?

Just as many Americans wish to become parents through surrogacy, there are also intended parents in other countries. Many of these intended parents live in countries where surrogacy is illegal, so if they want to have a child through surrogacy, they must look to countries where surrogacy is legal.

Many states in the U.S. offer safe legal environments to complete a surrogacy abroad. This is why some foreign intended parents come to the U.S. to complete their families.

Why People Choose International Surrogacy Programs in the United States

In many ways, the process of international surrogacy works the same as domestic surrogacy — you just might have less contact with the intended parents. Each surrogacy will be different, but, in general, an international surrogacy may involve the following steps.

Your surrogacy agency and surrogacy lawyer will help ensure all the necessary steps are taken care of if you decide to participate in an international surrogacy. They will help make your surrogacy journey as easy as possible for you and your intended parents.

International Surrogacy Pros and Cons

Surrogacy professionals who run international surrogacy programs can give you the information you need to choose an appropriate surrogacy path.

The following are some of the general international surrogacy pros and cons to consider:



Choosing to carry a baby for international intended parents is a personal decision. It’s not right for everyone, so if you’re considering international surrogacy as an American surrogate, it’s important to do diligent research to determine whether it’s the right path.

Next Steps Toward International Surrogacy

Carrying a child for international parents is just as rewarding as working with American parents, but some unique challenges and joys are associated with doing so.

To learn more about becoming a surrogate for international parents, consider contacting an international surrogacy agency that offers international surrogacy programs or reaching out to us today.

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