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What is the Meaning of Surrogacy in the World Today?

It’s a common question: What does surrogacy mean for everyone involved, especially for those women who choose to become surrogates?

The meaning of surrogacy is a difficult thing to pin down. After all, because everyone’s surrogacy journey is unique, what surrogacy means to them will be unique, as well. When you’re considering becoming a surrogate, your surrogacy meaning will be special to you, too.

While the definition of surrogacy can be more easily identified, the meaning of surrogacy can be a bit more complicated — and can usually only be determined by an individual. In most cases, surrogacy means a journey full of potential challenges and rewards that will change your life forever.

If you’re considering the surrogacy process, we encourage you speak to surrogates, intended parents and surrogacy professionals to learn more before making this commitment. In this article, you can find out more about what the meaning of surrogacy is for two of the most important parties involved in the process: surrogates and intended parents.

What Does Surrogacy Mean for Surrogates?

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate for intended parents, it’s natural that you want to learn more about what surrogacy means for the women who choose this path — and why exactly they make this decision.

For most surrogates, surrogacy means more than just the surrogate base compensation they receive. It’s often a chance for women to reach a dream they’ve had for a long time — to help create another family where there may not have been one before.

Surrogacy means that a woman can use her selfless, generous motivations to help others feel the same joys of parenthood that she is familiar with. She can offer her healthy uterus and proven ability to carry a pregnancy to those who don’t have these advantages — and, often, surrogacy means she can experience the joys of pregnancy again without the commitment of another child. Those who become surrogates gain a sense of pride and achievement from their personal decision and often create long-lasting friendships with the intended parents they work with.

But surrogacy has more than an emotional meaning for the women who choose this path; it also involves many practical steps and means that you will need to undergo things like:

Remember, because each surrogacy journey is unique, you’ll want to speak with your surrogacy professional to learn more what your personal surrogacy journey may look like.

While it can be a complicated process, surrogacy means that you’ll also feel many positive emotions, despite the potential challenges. Your personal surrogacy goals and preferences will also impact what surrogacy means to you, so make sure to fully research your options before committing to a certain path.

What Does Surrogacy Mean for Intended Parents?

An important part of deciding to become a surrogate is understanding exactly what your sacrifice will mean to the intended parents who want to pursue surrogacy — in short, a great deal.

For many intended parents, surrogacy means their last chance to have a child that is genetically related to them. It’s common for intended parents to undergo months and even years of infertility treatment before turning to surrogacy, and it may be the only option for their remaining embryos. For parents who have gone through this process (and also those who have turned to surrogacy as their first option), surrogacy means they may be able to finally become the parents they’ve always wanted to be.

Know that surrogacy isn’t just a business transaction for many intended parents; they want to build a personal connection with you if you choose to be their surrogate. After all, without you, they cannot achieve their goals, and they are often genuinely interested in forming an honest and respectful friendship throughout the process and even maintaining it after their child is born.

Surrogacy can be a difficult decision to come to, especially for intended parents who previously wished to experience the pregnancy process themselves, so an intended parent’s personal surrogacy meaning will vary based on where they are at in the emotional process. In the end, however, their real surrogacy meaning is always the same — finally being able to have the child they’ve wanted for so long.

What Does Surrogacy Mean for the Rest of the World?

Surrogacy is a fairly new way of building families, but it’s also one that is making a huge difference in the lives of many people — and not just the ones involved in a surrogacy journey.

While surrogacy has always been a bit of a controversial topic, it is one that is gaining popularity among those who wish to become parents. As it does, surrogacy means that more people will be able to have the families they desire. And, as more families are created via surrogacy and more people openly discuss their surrogacy stories, it will continue to become a more widely accepted family-building method.  Therefore, fewer intended parents will need to suffer the sadness and stigma of being unable to bring a genetically related child into the world in a traditional manner.

Overall, the achievement of dreams is the true meaning of surrogacy — intended parents’ dreams of having a child and surrogates’ dreams of making a true difference in the world.

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