Identified Surrogacy

Being a Surrogate for Your Mom, or for Your Daughter or Son

You’ve probably heard about news headlines like:

“Woman gives birth to her own great-grandchild!” or, “Why I was a surrogate for my mom and gave birth to my baby brother.”

Despite their viral presence, these situations actually account for the smallest fraction of surrogacy situations and are incredibly rare. That’s because while surrogacy is always complex, surrogacy within the family — especially between children and parents — is often more complicated.

The parent-child bond is one of the strongest there is. So, it’s understandable and admirable that you’d want to help your loved one have the baby he or she is longing for. But first, it’s important you understand the challenges and benefits unique to this rare type of surrogacy agreement:

Becoming a Surrogate for a Parent

“Can I be my mom’s surrogate?” “Can I be a surrogate for my mom and stepdad?”

This may be a possibility for you, provided everyone involved meets the necessary requirements. You might consider becoming a surrogate for a parent because:

There are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself at this point:

If you decide that being a surrogate for your parent isn’t right for you, it may be painful to say “no,” but it’s always better to decline than to feel pressured to carry your sibling. 

Becoming a Surrogate for a Child

“Can a mother be a surrogate for a daughter?” “Could I be a surrogate for my son and his spouse?”

As a parent, you’d do anything to help your child. Is becoming his or her surrogate the best way for you to do this? Ask yourself:

If surrogacy isn’t the right fit for you, or isn’t an option, there are always other ways to help your children outside of being a surrogate. “Grandmother” is a role that you make all your own — and, even if you don’t help bring your grandchild into the world as a surrogate, you can still be the best grandparent possible to him or her in the years to come!

Some Important Advice for Multigenerational Surrogacy

If you meet the necessary surrogate requirements and have decided that you’re fully prepared for the unique challenges and benefits of parent-child surrogacy, then take a few pieces of advice before you begin:

Becoming a surrogate for anyone is an amazing gift of love. Doing this for your parent or child is an additionally meaningful act.  If you’d like to ask more questions about multigenerational surrogacy, or if you’re ready to begin the process, contact a surrogacy professional.

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