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How to Find Intended Parents [5 Steps to Follow]

Finding intended parents is one of the most important steps of the surrogacy process. And thankfully, when you work with a surrogacy agency, a surrogacy specialist will help you with this part of the process.

The following surrogacy steps will help you find intended parents for your surrogacy:

  1. Create a surrogacy plan
  2. Make a surrogacy profile
  3. Find a surrogacy match
  4. Arrange meetings with intended parents
  5. Finalize your surrogacy opportunity

If you are ready to start your surrogacy journey, you can contact us today to find out more about how to find intended parents. But, if you want to find out more about how to find intended parents before you talk to a surrogacy professional, continue reading.

Find Intended Parents with an Agency

The best way to find intended parents is to work with a professional surrogacy agency. Agencies can provide support and guidance through every step of your surrogacy journey.

When a surrogacy professional helps you choose intended parents, know that:

Finding intended parents with a surrogacy agency is always free to you as a prospective surrogate.

While each professional is different, you can expect to go through these five steps:

Step 1. Create a Surrogacy Plan

The first conversation you have with your surrogacy professional will focus on your surrogacy goals and expectations. Your specialist will take your feedback and help you create a surrogacy plan that meets your needs.

In addition to detailing your surrogacy needs, your plan will also include your desires for an intended family, so you can find intended parents that are right for you.

Some common family attributes to consider include:

While some specific characteristics may increase the time you wait to find an intended family, you always have the right to set your standards. After all, working with the right intended parents is integral to a successful surrogacy journey.

Step 2. Create a Surrogate Profile

Next, you’ll create a surrogate profile that will be presented to intended parents who meet your preferences.

Your profile will detail:

It’s common for full-service surrogacy agencies to help you create your profile to help you find intended parents. These agencies often work with in-house or outside marketing agencies to ensure your profile is polished.

Step 3. Find a Match

Next, your surrogacy specialist will show you intended parent profiles that meet your criteria.

This is an important step of how to find intended parents because family profiles will give you:

Once you pick a family you think is a good match, you will move to the next step.

Step 4. Get to Know the Intended Parents

Before your match is final, you will get the chance to meet the intended parents. Typically, this happens through:

You will have the chance to ask additional questions and learn more about the intended parents to make sure they are the right choice for you. If the family isn’t a match, that’s OK. You can continue on your search to find intended parents for your surrogacy.

Step 5. Finalize Your Match

Once you and the intended parents agree to work together, your surrogacy professional will connect you with a surrogacy attorney to finalize a surrogacy contract. Once the contract is signed, and all the specifics of your journey are decided, you will be ready to start the medical process of surrogacy!

Many surrogates find that the support and guidance a surrogacy agency provides during this step is helpful to make sure you find intended parents that fit your preferences.

You can Choose to Find Intended Parents on Your Own

While the benefits of finding intended parents with an agency can’t be overstated, some surrogates choose to find intended parents independently.

Many of the same steps apply if you’re a surrogate mother looking for intended parents independently. However, it’s likely that the intended parents you find online or through a similar method are not already screened for the surrogacy process. You will need to work with them to make sure both of you will be approved for the surrogacy process before moving forward with a surrogacy contract.

There are a few methods through which you can find intended parents on your own:

Finding intended parents on your own may take longer than it would if you were working with a surrogacy agency. This is because agencies typically have large advertising and marketing outreach. Also, prepare to ask difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions to make sure the intended parents are right for you.

Once you find intended parents, you will also need to work closely with them to make sure every necessary step of the surrogacy process is taken care of. Even if you find intended parents on your own, you can still work with a surrogacy agency for the rest of the process, including completing any required surrogacy screening.

Your Next Steps on Your Journey to Find Intended Parents

Many surrogates have successfully found intended parents both with agencies and independently; it’s all about finding the path you’re comfortable with in this life-changing process.

If you’re unsure which process of finding intended parents is right for you, consider contacting a surrogacy professional to learn more about their services.

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