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Why You May Need Surrogacy Support — and Where You Can Find It

Surrogacy is a wonderful — but complicated — family-building process, filled with rewards and challenges from the beginning to the end. In order to create a successful journey for all involved, surrogates and intended parents should seek out surrogacy support for all their questions and concerns before, during and after the process is complete.

But, how do you find the best surrogacy support for you? What exactly should you be looking for in a professional who offers surrogacy support?

While each surrogate’s situation and needs are unique, there are a few general things that you should be aware of — and seek out — when finding a resource for surrogacy support.

How Surrogacy Support Begins Before Your Surrogacy Process

When you think about professional support for your surrogacy, you are probably imagining the complications that could arise during the surrogacy process. However, did you know that you will start receiving surrogacy support from the minute that you begin researching the surrogacy process?

Counseling is an important part of surrogacy support — and it’s not just something that is done after a woman commits to becoming a surrogate. Surrogacy professionals today recognize the importance of education and support at the beginning, in the middle and at the conclusion of the surrogacy process. Therefore, even if you’re still thinking about becoming a surrogate, you should seek out this support to help make the best decision for you.

As you will discover in your research, surrogacy can be an emotionally complicated process, especially because you will experience the challenges (and rewards) of pregnancy without bringing a baby home at the end. Therefore, the best surrogacy professionals will work to provide you the necessary emotional counseling to understand exactly what you are committing to and the knowledge to cope with potential emotional challenges.

Before you become a surrogate, you will need to undergo psychological screening with a mental health professional. During this screening, you will discuss your personal life and your motivations for surrogacy to ensure you are in a stable place to start the surrogacy process. A mental health professional must approve you to become a surrogate before you can move forward.

This is an integral part of the surrogacy process. Not only will the psychological screening ensure you are mentally and psychologically ready to be a surrogate, it will also prepare you for any potential challenges ahead.

Why Surrogates Need Surrogacy Support

The importance of surrogacy support increases the further along you get in the surrogacy process. Many emotions are involved in surrogacy and, with pregnancy hormones amplifying those emotions, it’s common for surrogates to feel overwhelmed or distraught at certain times in their surrogacy.

Here are few reasons why surrogates should retain proper surrogacy support from their surrogacy professionals, just in case:

While these are just a few surrogacy complications that can arise, securing surrogacy support from a trained professional early on in the process ensures that you will always have professional guidance, no matter what happens.

Where You Can Find Surrogacy Support

Surrogacy support can come from many different sources — including the people who make up your surrogacy support system — but the best comes from professionals like your surrogacy agency and surrogacy specialist. Often, this professional surrogacy support can answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns in a way that others cannot, due to the professional’s experience in the surrogacy process.

If you need surrogacy support, reach out to a surrogacy professional today. Surrogacy agencies typically employ trained, professional social workers who are not only knowledgeable of the surrogacy process but also capable of providing emotional counseling for all of the potential complications in your surrogacy process.

As you are considering surrogacy professionals and their surrogacy support programs, consider asking them these questions:

Remember, the importance of proper surrogacy support during your personal surrogacy journey cannot be overstated. Always take the time to find the proper surrogacy professional for you before embarking on this life-changing process, and you will have the most successful surrogacy journey possible.

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