Surrogacy is an exciting, but often complex, topic. If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate, it’s important to learn all you can about this process. Here, find the basic information you need to strengthen your understanding of surrogacy and how it works today.

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Surrogacy 101

What exactly is surrogacy? How did surrogacy come to be? How is this process currently evolving? For women considering surrogacy, these are big — and important — questions to ask. Here, we’ve outlined the basic surrogacy info you need to better understand the complex process you are considering. Find surrogacy definitions, a historical overview, the best surrogacy news sources and answers to your common questions here.

Types of Surrogacy

There are many ways to become a surrogate. The types of surrogacy you choose will have a dramatic impact on your surrogacy process, so it’s important to be familiar with the various forms your journey can take: traditional or gestational, compensated or non-compensated, domestic or international. Learn more about each type of surrogacy here so you can make informed decisions about how to best reach your surrogacy goals.

Surrogacy Laws

Because surrogacy is a complex process, there are many laws and legal guidelines in place to protect intended parents, children and surrogates like you. These laws can be complicated and will usually vary based on your circumstances — but it’s important to be aware of them and of your rights in this process. Find everything you need to know about the legal aspects of surrogacy here.

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