Surrogacy Support

Surrogacy is not a journey that can be taken alone. While you will be the one carrying the baby, it takes a number of skilled professionals — and the support of your loved ones — to truly make your surrogacy experience a success. Here, learn more about the people and professionals that will be taking this journey with you.

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Choosing a Surrogacy Professional

The professionals you work with throughout your surrogacy process can make or break your experience — so how can you be sure you’re choosing the very best surrogacy agencies, attorneys and clinics for you? Here, we lay out the various types of surrogacy professionals you can work with, as well as some things to keep in mind as you make these important decisions.

Your Surrogacy Support System

As a woman considering surrogacy, you will not be taking this journey alone. It’s important to create a strong system of support as you begin this exciting process — and to think about how this decision may affect your loved ones. Here’s how you can involve your spouse, children, friends and others in your surrogacy experience, and where you can turn if you need additional support.

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