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Independent Surrogacy vs. Agency Surrogacy: What’s Right for You?

Before you begin your surrogacy journey, you need to know the answer to one question:

Which is right for you: independent vs. agency surrogacy?

In general, you’ll want to work with a private agency (all surrogacy agencies are private, not public, because they don’t work with the state) if you want a surrogacy specialist to help you coordinate your surrogacy care before, during, and after your journey. If you prefer to coordinate your care and find all of your surrogacy professionals on your own, you may decide to pursue independent surrogacy.

If you already know you’d like to work with a surrogacy agency, you can contact us today to start your journey. But, if you want to find out the pros and cons of working with an independent or private agency for your surrogacy, continue reading.

Independent vs. Private Agency Surrogacy: What to Know

For many years, women have successfully become gestational carriers through independent and agency-assisted surrogacy. Both are viable options and can help you achieve your surrogacy goals. There is no “right” answer regarding independent surrogacy vs. private agency surrogacy — just what is right for you.

Considering that, take some time to review each path’s most significant pros and cons.

Independent Surrogacy:

Independent Surrogacy Pros:

Independent Surrogacy Cons:

Agency-Assisted Surrogacy:

Private Agency Surrogacy Pros:

Agency Cons:

Next Steps to Deciding Which Surrogacy Journey to Start

Debating independent vs. private agency surrogacy is a conversation through which only you can guide yourself. Do thorough research before deciding which path is right for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to contact surrogacy professionals for more information about each option during your decision-making process. Starting with these agencies is a good start:

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