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7 Sources for the Most Up-to-Date Surrogacy News

Surrogacy is a process that changes rapidly, thanks to ever-advancing technology in the field of assisted reproduction. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, you may not be sure where to find the latest surrogacy news as you’re researching more about this possible family-building method.

Fortunately, there are plenty of surrogacy articles about surrogacy cases that are covered by professional media. After all, surrogacy is becoming a more common way of building a family — and that means it serves as an interest for many different publications, especially those that focus on family, parenting, technology and medicine.

When you contact a surrogacy professional about becoming a surrogate, they should be up-to-date on all of the most recent surrogacy news articles and information they need to know to stay current with surrogacy technology — and to make sure your surrogacy journey is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

You may find that when you start looking into the surrogacy process, you’ll start noticing surrogacy articles more frequently than you did before. While general news outlets may cover news like surrogacy law changes, they often also cover cases of “surrogacy gone wrong” — which is not always the most accurate information for someone considering becoming a surrogate. Instead, you may wish to seek out articles on surrogacy from objective sources that report in detailed ways on assisted reproductive technology as a whole.

If you’re looking for surrogacy news, here are few sources to consider:

  1. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine: Members of ASRM are fertility experts across the U.S., and the organization regularly publishes surrogacy news in the form of recently announced research, scientific journals, committee reports and newsletters.
  2. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology: Another organization composed of assisted reproductive technology experts, SART offers similar surrogacy articles, like press releases, medical journal articles and practice guidelines and statements.
  3. The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys: This is perhaps the best source of information on surrogacy laws in the U.S. The organization also supplies a database of recommended surrogacy attorneys, who can help you understand your local laws based on surrogacy news that you’ve heard.
  4. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: NICHD releases new studies and research on many topics related to human development, and you can search through these for those that specifically apply to the surrogacy and assisted reproduction processes.
  5. Surrogacy360: This website provides great information on international surrogacy laws which, while they may not be as applicable for you as an American surrogate, can help you understand the situations that international intended parents are coming to the U.S. from.
  6. The Huffington Post: The general news source regularly publishes news and features stories, categorized into “surrogacy” and “assisted reproductive technology”
  7. The New York Times: This is another good general news source for surrogacy news and assisted reproductive technology news.

The last two sources aren’t the only general news sources that publish articles on surrogacy, so you may be able to find credible surrogacy news from other sources, as well. However, one of the best sources through which to learn more about the surrogacy process, including how to become a surrogate, is an experienced surrogacy professional. Contact one today to start your surrogacy journey.

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