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How to Find a Surrogacy Agency to Work With

Working with a surrogacy agency is essential because they provide many benefits to intended parents. But, how do you decide what surrogacy professional to work with?

Contact a surrogacy professional today to learn more about how you can find a surrogacy agency that meets your family’s needs.

Following these four steps can help you find an excellent surrogacy agency to help you on your surrogacy journey:

Continue reading to discover how to find a surrogacy agency to help you build your family.

How to Find a Surrogacy Agency

Finding a surrogacy agency in your area isn’t difficult if you know where to look. There are local and national surrogacy agencies that will help you build your family.

Step 1: Consider Surrogacy Agency Services

First, it’s important to consider the surrogacy services you need before finding a surrogacy agency. The following are some surrogacy agency services that can significantly benefit you during your surrogacy journey.

Work With a Surrogacy Professional

A surrogacy professional is dedicated to making your surrogacy journey go smoothly. Surrogacy professionals will:

Find a Surrogacy Agency That Handles Family Profile Creation and Marketing

Some national surrogacy agencies work with internal or external marketing agencies to help create intended family profiles.

These profiles contain:

Find a Surrogacy Agency That Offers Short Match Times

Surrogacy agencies already work with pre-screened surrogates ready to start the surrogacy journey with your family. This means you have to opportunity to match with a surrogate quickly.

For example, our market research shows that the average wait time at most surrogacy agencies is 12 to 18 months. But, if you work with an agency like American Surrogacy, a national surrogacy agency that’s created successful surrogacies since 2013, the average wait time for intended parents is only 30 to 90 days.

Step 2: Start the Search to Find a Surrogacy Agency

Start your quest to find a surrogacy agency by searching online. You can typically find surrogacy agencies near you by:

Find a Surrogacy Agency by Asking Friends, Families, and Doctors for References

If you know someone who has gone through the surrogacy process, you could ask them if they enjoyed their experience with the agency and if they would work with them again.

Your family physician also is likely aware that you’re trying to grow your family. They may have a list of agencies and fertility clinics they trust.

Find a Surrogacy Agency by Searching Google

Begin your internet search by searching terms like:

This search will likely yield quite a few agency results. You can narrow down the results by making a list of the agencies that get the most starts on Google (five is the highest possible rating) and the most reviews.

After you have a list of agencies you are considering working with, it’s time to make some calls.

Step 3: Talk to Surrogacy Professionals

When you start calling surrogacy agencies, you’ll want to ask the surrogacy professional you talk to a list of questions to help you find a surrogacy agency that can meet all your needs.

Some questions to ask include:

Step 4: How to Find a Surrogacy Agency to Work With [The Interview]

After you ask each agency what they can provide you, and determine who you want to work with, it’s time to move forward!

Generally, you can expect to go through the following steps once you start to work with an agency:

  1. Get paired with a surrogacy professional
  2. Undergo all surrogacy screenings and background checks
  3. Create an intended parent profile
  4. Match with a surrogate
  5. Sign the surrogacy contract
  6. Start the surrogacy medical process
  7. Pregnancy confirmation
  8. Go to OBGYN visits and watch your baby go
  9. Experience your baby’s delivery and enjoy parenthood

Start Your Surrogacy Journey Today

Now that you know how to find a surrogacy agency, you can start your surrogacy journey. Contact a surrogacy professional today to get the life-changing process started.

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