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What’s a Surrogacy Clinic?

You’ll work with invaluable professionals throughout your surrogacy journey, one of those being a surrogacy clinic. A surrogacy clinic ensures that you and your surrogate are ready for the surrogacy medical process.

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Although the surrogacy clinic will help you complete the surrogacy medical process, a surrogacy agency can help you:

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1. What Do Surrogacy Clinics Do?

Surrogacy clinics handle all the medical steps of the surrogacy process. Your surrogacy agency wants to ensure all your needs are met during the medical process, so they outsource this part of your surrogacy to medical professionals.

2. When Do I Start Working With a Surrogacy Clinic?

It’s common for intended parents to start working with a surrogacy clinic before they work with a surrogacy agency. This is because surrogacy clinics can help determine the following:

3. What Services Do Surrogacy Clinics Provide?

Surrogacy clinics provide quite a few essential medical services to intended parents and surrogates. These services include:

Medical Screening

During the medical screening process, the surrogacy clinic will check you and your partner to make sure you’re able to create a healthy embryo together. You may already have worked with a fertility clinic if you’ve experienced infertility.

In addition to testing your gametes, some surrogacy clinics also will help you complete the psychological screening that’s mandatory for the surrogacy process.

Sperm and Egg Harvesting and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Because the surrogate you work with will be a gestational surrogate (meaning they are unrelated to the baby), the surrogacy clinic will transfer the embryo to the surrogate’s body once it has formed. This process is called IVF.

During IVF, the surrogacy clinic will:

Pregnancy Testing

After the embryo transfer process, the surrogacy clinic will monitor and test the surrogate and monitor embryo’s implantation into the uterus.

Once a healthy, stable pregnancy is confirmed, the clinic will transfer the surrogate to the care of an OBGYN for the remainder of the surrogacy.

4. How Do I Find a Surrogacy Clinic to Work With?

There are a few ways you can find a good surrogacy clinic to work with.

An Already Existing Relationship

You and your partner may already be working with a surrogacy clinic because you’ve tried IVF within your partnership. If this is the case, you can continue working with this clinic.

Through Trusted Referrals

You can ask family and friends for suggestions or can ask your family doctor for advice.

Through a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies work with outside professionals like family attorneys and surrogacy clinics to ensure their clients have the smoothest surrogacy journeys possible.

5. Should I Work With a Surrogacy Agency, too?

Yes. A surrogacy agency can provide you with many services and benefits. Some common surrogacy agency benefits include:

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