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Companies That Pay for Surrogacy

According to CNBC, more than 42% of large employers in the United States offered IVF treatment coverage, and 19% provided egg freezing in 2020.

You can contact a surrogacy professional today to learn more about surrogacy and who can help cover the process.

Some companies that pay for surrogacy include:

Continue reading to learn more about surrogacy and how some companies cover this benefit.

Is it Common to Find Companies That Pay for Surrogacy?

Not all companies pay for surrogacy because surrogacy and related fertility expenses aren’t always considered “essential health benefits.”

Although most insurance plans will cover the gestational surrogate’s medical pregnancy expenses, the agency you work with must confirm this with the surrogate’s insurance plan.

Who Benefits From Companies That Pay for Surrogacy?

Although any employee can benefit from this type of coverage, BBC Worklife reports that women and LGBT employees benefit the most.

Companies also experience positive results (like increased employee retention) when they offer these benefits.

Companies That Pay for Surrogacy

The following are some of the more well-known companies that pay for surrogacy journeys.


Intel offers employees:


Unilever offers employees:


Starbucks offers employees:


Viacom offers employees:

Bank of America

Bank of America offers employees:

Consider Working With a Surrogacy Agency

One of the best ways to take advantage of benefits of companies that pay for surrogacy is by working with a surrogacy agency.

Surrogacy agencies employ professionals who can help you start and finish the surrogacy process and know how to best use and access all of your job’s surrogacy and medical benefits.

Generally, surrogacy agencies help intended parents complete the following steps during their surrogacy journey.

Step 1: Choose a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies make the surrogacy process much easier to navigate. Agencies have your back throughout your journey and provide you with a surrogacy professional dedicated to ensuring everything goes smoothly and that you use all the benefits available.

If you work for a company that does not provide surrogacy benefits, a surrogacy agency can also help you find alternate financing options to make your surrogacy journey possible.

If you’re looking for a surrogacy agency to help you start your surrogacy journey, consider starting with this list:

Step 2: Complete Surrogacy Screenings with the Support of your Agency

Don’t get too worried about the screening process. Screenings make sure you and your partner are prepared for the surrogacy process. Your surrogacy professional is on your side.

Step 3: Match with a Surrogate

You will have the opportunity to browse surrogacy profiles and choose a surrogate you think best aligns with your family’s needs. The surrogate will get to look at your profile, too. Once you decide to work together, your surrogacy professional will arrange a phone call.

Step 4: Sign a Surrogacy Contract

Your surrogacy professional will connect you with an attorney who will help you create a surrogacy contract. Your attorney and the surrogate’s attorney will work together to ensure everyone’s needs are met. The contract also includes:

This is likely when your surrogacy professional and attorney will look into your employer benefits and the surrogate’s medical coverage.

Step 5: Start the Medical Surrogacy Process

You and your partner’s egg and sperm or donor gametes are used to create embryos at a fertility clinic through IVF. The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate.

Step 6: Confirm the Pregnancy

Once a pregnancy is confirmed, you and the surrogate will stay in contact so you can enjoy the pregnancy. You may go to some OBGYN appointments to receive updates about your baby.

Step 7: Bring Your Child Home

Once the surrogate gives birth, you will take your baby home and enjoy parenthood, and your surrogate will go home and recover.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey Today

Although it’s very helpful to use surrogacy benefits from companies that pay for surrogacy to fund your journey, you can still become a parent through surrogacy on your own. Contact a surrogacy professional today to find out more about how you and your partner can achieve parenthood through surrogacy today.

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