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3 Common Surrogacy Companies

There are three types of surrogacy companies that intended parents can work with during their surrogacy journey:

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Three Helpful Surrogacy Companies

All surrogacy companies can help you fulfill different parts of your surrogacy. The professionals at these companies can ensure your surrogacy goes smoothly.

Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy agencies help intended parents from the beginning to the end of their surrogacy journey. Agencies will provide every surrogacy service you need in-house or through trusted references.

Some of the most essential surrogacy services surrogacy agencies provide are:

A Skilled Surrogacy Professional

A surrogacy professional provides essential support and educational services. Surrogacy professionals will help you:

Intended Family Profile Building

Surrogacy agencies often work with in-house or outside marketing agencies. These agencies create well-crafted family profiles. This essential surrogacy company service will ensure your family profile includes:

This service will also ensure surrogates see your family profile, which will help you find a match quickly.

Surrogacy Company Match-Making

Surrogacy agencies already work with pre-screened potential surrogates. These women are ready to start the medical surrogacy process with your family. Your surrogacy professional can help ensure you’ll match with a surrogate who fits your family’s needs.

Also, keep in mind that when choosing a surrogacy agency, some agencies have longer wait times than others. For example, our market research discovered that the average surrogacy agency’s intended parent wait time is 12 to 18 months. But, American Surrogacy’s average wait time for intended parents isonly 30 to 90 days from activation to match.

Surrogacy Financing Options

If you’re working within a budget or concerned about how you can pay for your surrogacy experience, surrogacy agencies also will help you find various financing options to make your journey possible.

The following surrogacy agencies are great places to consider working with:

Fertility Clinics

Fertility clinics are surrogacy companies that specialize in your surrogacy’s medical process.

Fertility clinics surrogacy companies provide the following services:

How to Find a Surrogate Clinic

One of the advantages of working with a surrogacy agency is that your professional can refer you to a trusted fertility clinic. Surrogacy professionals often have relationships with each other and easily work together.

Egg and Sperm Donation Organizations

Gamete banks are surrogacy companies that store sperm and eggs that people use to become pregnant. Egg donation requires surgical removal of eggs, while sperm donation does not.

Intended parents may choose to use a gamete donor if:

Anonymous vs. Identified Donors at Surrogacy Companies

Intended parents can choose to work with two types of donors.

Anonymous Donors at Surrogacy Companies

An anonymous sperm or egg donor profile contains basic, non-identifying information about a donor’s appearance and health. Sometimes an anonymous donor will note they are willing to switch to becoming an identified donor if the need arises in the future.  

Identified Donors at Surrogacy Companies

Identified donors (also called known donors) provide identifying information or exchange contact information with intended parents before their baby is born. These donors provide more personal information in their profiles and are often willing to talk to you or your child.

Surrogacy professionals recommend that people use intended donors when possible because:

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