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Surrogacy vs. Adoption

Moving on from infertility to another family-building option can feel hard at first. But, you should know that if you decide you want to still become a parent after infertility, surrogacy and adoption are options for you.

Contact a surrogacy professional today if you know that surrogacy is the path to parenthood you’d like to take.

If you’re still trying to decide which parenthood journey is right for your family, this guide can help.

Continue reading to discover the pros and cons of surrogacy vs. adoption.

Surrogacy vs. Adoption

Choosing surrogacy to grow your family is exciting!

All surrogacies include a surrogate (known as a gestational carrier) and intended parents. Most surrogacies also involve a surrogacy agency. Although you could choose to pursue surrogacy on your own (independent surrogacy), the surrogacy journey is much smoother when working with a professional.

Other Surrogacy Professionals

You’ll also work with a handful of other surrogacy experts during your surrogacy journey. The following are a few of the skilled people you’ll work with:

Surrogacy Basics

Most intended parents pay anywhere from $150,000 to $250,000 for their surrogacy journey when they work with a surrogacy agency. These fees will pay for the following surrogacy steps:

  1. Getting paired with a surrogacy professional
  2. Fulfilling all surrogacy screenings with the support of your surrogacy professional
  3. Matching with a pre-screened surrogate who is ready to start the surrogacy journey
  4. Working with a surrogacy attorney to draft your surrogacy contract
  5. Undergoing the medical surrogacy process (includes egg retrieval/donor services, IVF, fertility medications, etc.)
  6. Confirm a pregnancy and watch your baby grow
  7. Take your child home after the surrogate gives birth

Adoption vs. Surrogacy

Adoption is an equally exciting but very different parenthood journey.

All adoption journeys include hopeful parents, a birth mother, and, most often, an adoption agency.

Choosing Which Adoption Agency to Work With

Hopeful parents can choose to work with two different types of adoption agencies. These include:

Common Adoption Steps

Hopeful parents will go through the following steps on their adoption journey.

Benefits of Surrogacy vs. Adoption

When considering surrogacy vs. adoption pros and cons, it’s important to remember that neither option is better than the other; they are just different. You and your partner are the only people who can determine which family-building option is right for you.

Benefits of Adoption vs. Surrogacy

Depending on your needs, adoption vs. surrogacy may appeal to your family. The following are some common adoption benefits:

Choosing the Path to Parenthood That’s Right for You

All hopeful parents will need to consider the benefits of surrogacy vs. adoption before deciding which family-building option is right for their families.

If you’ve already considered adoption vs. surrogacy and are ready to start your surrogacy journey, click here to connect with a surrogacy professional.

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