Choosing a Professional

How to Cope With Infertility

Accepting and moving from infertility to parenthood is possible when you give yourself time to heal. We’re here to help.

If you’re struggling to cope with infertility and need extra support, you can contact a surrogacy professional today to get the help you need.

Even if you’re not ready to start your surrogacy journey, surrogacy professionals can direct you to people who can help you determine how to cope with infertility.

How to Cope With Infertility

When considering how to cope with infertility, you’ll likely find different ways to approach your new reality. While you may eventually seek medical solutions for infertility, facing the emotions of an infertility diagnosis can help you work through what you’re feeling now.

The Common Emotions of Infertility

Dealing with infertility can bring up many complicated emotions, including sadness, anger, and frustration. It’s normal to have a lot of complex thoughts when you and your partner discover that your journey to parenthood will be different than you imagined.

The following tips can help you start to work through any challenging feelings:

Consider Working With a Professional

Certain experts and groups can help you and your partner work through this time.

How to Cope With Infertility With an Infertility Counselor

You and your partner may consider working with an infertility counselor while coping with infertility. Infertility counselors can help you by:

How to Cope With Infertility With a Support Group

Although your friends and family want to support you during this time, they may not fully understand what you’re going through. Some hopeful parents find comfort in talking to people going through similar circumstances.

How to Find Infertility Counselors and Support Groups

If you’re unsure where to find infertility counselors or support groups, you can look in a few different places.

Dealing With Infertility and Embracing Surrogacy

After some time, you and your partner may determine you’ve figured out how to cope with infertility and are ready to pursue parenthood through surrogacy.

Surrogacy agencies are experienced in working with people like you and know how nervous and excited you’re likely feeling. So, when you reach out to a surrogacy professional at a surrogacy agency, you can rest assured that you and your future child are in good hands.

Benefits of Working With a Surrogacy Agency

Intended parents get many benefits when working with a surrogacy agency. Some of the essential benefits these companies provide include:

When choosing a surrogacy agency to work with, keep in mind that some agencies have shorter wait times than others.

Our market research discovered that while the average wait time for intended parents at most surrogacy agencies is 12 to 18 months, American Surrogacy’s average wait time is only 30 to 90 days from activation to match.

Starting Your Path to Parenthood

Learning how to cope with infertility can feel challenging at first, but with the support of your partner, a counselor, and a surrogacy professional, you can get through this time.

If you’re ready to move from infertility to surrogacy, contact a surrogacy professional today.

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