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When to Use a Surrogacy Sperm Donor

Whether you’re a couple struggling with male infertility, an LGBT couple or a hopeful single parent, you might be in need of a surrogacy sperm donor. Your surrogacy professional can help you find a sperm donor through a fertility clinic or sperm bank to help you complete your surrogacy journey

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This guide will explain why people choose to use surrogacy sperm donors, how they find surrogacy sperm donors, and more.

Surrogacy and Sperm Donors

Sperm donation can help couples experiencing infertility get pregnant on their own or with the help of a gestational surrogate.

The people involved in the donor surrogacy process include:

How Surrogacy With Donor Sperm Works

Surrogacy sperm donors are men who donate their sperm to a sperm bank. Surrogacy sperm donors undergo screenings to ensure their sperm is healthy. Intended parents can choose the characteristics they want their sperm donor to have.

When a man provides sperm, they can remain anonymous or identified.

People who Choose Surrogacy With Donor Sperm

Intended parents can choose to use surrogacy sperm donors for many different reasons. The following are just some of the people who may decide to use a sperm donor:

How Surrogacy With Donor Sperm Works [7 Steps]

Using a surrogacy sperm donor is a personal decision. You and your partner can choose to use a donor for any reason – it’s totally up to you. Discuss how using a surrogacy sperm donor makes you both feel and if it’s right for your situation.

If you think using a surrogacy sperm donor is right for you and your partner, you can take the following steps to start your surrogacy journey.

Step 1: Contact a Surrogacy Agency

Once you and your partner decide that surrogacy is right for you, you’ll want to reach out to a surrogacy agency to start your journey. It’s essential to work with a surrogacy agency that offers the following benefits:

Step 2: Match with a Gestational Surrogate

When you work with a surrogacy agency, you’ll have the opportunity to work with women who are pre-screened and ready to become surrogates.

Before settling on an agency to work with, ask around to find out what agency has the shortest wait time. We did market research to find out the answer to this question and found that the average wait time for most surrogacy agencies is 12 to 18 months. We found the shortest wait time at American Surrogacywhere the average wait time for intended parents is only 30 to 90 days.

Step 3: Sign the Surrogacy Contract

Your surrogacy professional will help you and the surrogate find separate surrogacy attorneys. Surrogacy contracts ensure that everyone’s rights within a surrogacy are protected.

Step 4: Find a Surrogacy Sperm Donor

Your surrogacy professional will likely have sperm bank suggestions you can work with. Generally, look for a bank that can answer the following questions about their donors:

Step 5: Start the Medical Surrogacy Process

After a doctor creates your embryo, it is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. This process is called IVF.

You can expect to go through the following steps during IVF:

  1. Sync the cycles of the surrogate and the intended mother (or donor if you’re using fresh eggs; you can skip this step and the next one if you’re using frozen eggs)
  2. Harvest eggs
  3. Combine the donor sperm with the eggs
  4. Create the embryo
  5. Transfer the embryo to the surrogate

Step 6: Confirm a Pregnancy

After the embryo is transferred to the surrogate, the surrogacy clinic will monitor her for pregnancy.

Once a healthy, stable pregnancy is confirmed, the clinic will transfer the surrogate to an OBGYN for the remainder of the surrogacy.

Step 7: Bring Your Baby Home

Once the surrogate gives birth to your baby, she’ll go home to recover and reflect on this life-changing experience, and you’ll go home to start your parenthood journey!

Work With a Surrogacy Sperm Donor to Start Your Journey

Surrogacy sperm donors can help people like you grow their families. Contact a surrogacy professional to start your surrogacy journey.

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