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How to Find an Egg Donor and a Sperm Donor

It’s common for hopeful parents to use a sperm or an egg donor to complete their embryo. If you need to find a gamete donor for your surrogacy, a surrogacy professional at a surrogacy agency can connect you to a donor bank.

To get more information about how to find an egg donor and a sperm donor, contact a surrogacy professional today to receive guidance.

Continue reading to find out how your surrogacy professional will help you find a sperm donor or an egg donor so you can complete your family.

Who Needs to Find an Egg Donor or Sperm Donor?

There are many reasons that intended parents choose to find a sperm donor or an egg donor to complete their surrogacy. For example, you may be:

Because using gamete donors is so common in surrogacy, surrogacy professionals are experts at helping intended parents navigate this process.

How Do I Find an Egg Donor?

Intended parents who need to use an egg donor have options. Your surrogacy professional may refer you to one of the following egg donor organizations.

Questions to Ask an Egg Donation Organization

While you’re on the search for finding an egg donor to work with, ask the professionals you’re considering working with a list of questions before committing to work with their agency. Some questions you could consider asking include:

The following are just a few of the egg donation programs you could choose to find an egg donor through:

How do I Find a Sperm Donor?

All sperm donors provide samples to sperm banks. When a sperm bank receives a sample, they check it for:

After the sperm is cleared for use, the intended parents can choose the sperm sample they want to use. The sperm bank will then send the sample to the couple’s fertility clinic for IVF.

Questions to Ask a Sperm Bank

Before working with them, you should ask sperm banks questions about their services and requirements. The following are a few questions you could consider asking:

These are some of the sperm donor banks you could decide to find a sperm donor through:

Open Donation vs. Anonymous Donation

Many surrogacy professionals suggest that intended parents find an egg donor and sperm donor who shares some of their personal information. The following are some of the benefits of working with open-identified egg donors and sperm donors:

Consider Using the Donor Sibling Registry

This registry allows an intended parent to connect their child with biological relatives. This can help them:

Find an Egg Donor or Sperm Donor (or Both) to Grow Your Family

If you’re ready to start your surrogacy journey, a surrogacy professional can help you find a sperm donor or an egg donor to help you create an embryo. Start the conversation today.

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