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Is it Possible to Have a Sister-in-Law Surrogate?

If you and your sister-in-law are friends, you may wonder if having a sister-in-law as a surrogate is possible. It is! And the best way to have a sister-in-law surrogate is to work with a surrogacy agency.

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Continue reading this guide to find out what surrogacy with your sister-in-law could look like and how a surrogacy professional can help you navigate all the emotions that come up during a surrogacy journey.

Being a Surrogate for Your Brother and Sister-in-Law [What to Know]

A sister-in-law can become a surrogate for her brother and sister-in-law as long as she is prepared for the journey ahead and can fulfill a surrogacy agency’s requirements.

How a Surrogacy Agency can Help You Use Your Sister-in-Law as a Surrogate

You may think you don’t need to work with a surrogacy agency because you already know the surrogate you’re going to work with (also known as intended surrogacy). But, going through surrogacy on your own (independent surrogacy) can prove challenging.  

When you choose to work with a surrogacy agency, you and your sister-in-law will work with a surrogacy professional.

In addition to providing you with emotional and practical support, surrogacy professionals will guide you through the following surrogacy steps:

Step 1: The Surrogacy Screening Process

You, your partner, and your sister-in-law surrogate will undergo screening to ensure you’re ready for surrogacy. Although you shouldn’t worry too much about this portion of your surrogacy journey (your surrogacy professional has your back!), take some time to think about how working with your sister-in-law could affect your relationship.

You can decide to work with a surrogate you don’t know who is pre-screened by your agency. If you go with an agency surrogate, you could match with a new person quickly, depending on the agency you work with. For example, we used market research to discover that most surrogacy agencies have an average wait time of 12 to 18 months. But, American Surrogacy’s average wait time for intended parents is only 30 to 90 days from activation to match.

Step 2: The Creation of the Surrogacy Contract [Discussing Surrogacy Fees]

All surrogacy situations have contracts to ensure everyone involved gets what they need.

In addition to making sure your surrogacy is done legally, a contract notes how much money you’ll pay your sister-in-law surrogate.

A surrogate’s base pay will depend on the following:

Step 3: The Medical Surrogacy Process

Going through the medical surrogacy process with your sister-in-law surrogate is exciting and, at times, stressful. Your surrogacy professional will help you through all the medical testing and procedures that come with surrogacy and help mediate any tough conversations you need to have.

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What to Consider Before Using a Sister-in-Law Surrogate

Before deciding to use your sister-in-law as your surrogate, it’s wise to ensure you’re on the same page.

Know That You and Your Sister-in-Law Surrogate’s Relationship Will Change

Surrogacy is a long, intimate journey. You and your sister-in-law will bond uniquely during this time. And, because you already have a relationship, your sister-in-law will likely be more involved in your child’s life. Before you decide to work together, discuss how your sister-in-law will be in your child’s life after she gives birth and how you’ll tell your child’s surrogacy story.

Talk to a Professional About Having a Sister-in-Law Surrogate

Your sister-in-law can help you and your partner become parents. And with the help of a surrogacy agency, you will receive support throughout the journey.

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