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How Does Surrogacy Work With a Family Member?

If one of your family members has expressed interest in being a surrogate for you, a surrogacy agency can help you navigate family member surrogacy.

Contact a surrogacy professional today if you have considered this question and know the kind of surrogacy journey you want.

Continue reading to discover some common questions (and answers) people have about how surrogacy for a family member works.

Can a Family Member be a Surrogate?

Yes! A family member (a sister, aunt, cousin, etc.) can serve as your surrogate.

Like every other surrogate situation, the surrogate you work with will need to complete a surrogate agency’s screenings before she is cleared to start the process.

How Does Surrogacy Work With a Family Member?

Family member surrogacy has the same steps as any other surrogacy journey. However, you’re already one step ahead in the process!

If your family member is able to fulfill all surrogacy screenings, you will be able to skip the matching portion of the surrogacy journey and proceed.

From here, you and the surrogate will go through the following steps:

What’s the Cost of Surrogacy With a Family Member?

The cost of surrogacy with a family member depends on the type of surrogacy you have.

No matter what type of surrogacy you choose to pursue, you will not have to pay for an agency’s matching services because you’ve already identified the surrogate you want to work with.

What’s Being a Surrogate for Family Like?

Being a surrogate for family is different for everyone, but generally, there are unique circumstances to consider.

How can an Agency Help Me Through Family Member Surrogacy?

Although you could choose to pursue independent surrogacy, your surrogacy journey will go much smoother with the help of a surrogacy agency.

Surrogacy agencies provide the following services to intended parents during the surrogacy process:

If you’re still looking for a surrogacy agency to work with, you can start here:

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Starting the surrogacy journey with a family member is exciting. Once you know the match is right, contact a surrogacy professional to get all the help you need.

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