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Where Can I Find a Surrogate Mother?

Just as you are looking for a surrogate to carry your child, there are many prospective surrogates all over the country who are looking for hopeful intended parents to carry for. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start your surrogate search.

To get more information about where to find a surrogate, you can contact a surrogacy professional today.

If you’re wondering “Where can I find a surrogate?” there a number of places you can look. Many intended parents have found success in working with surrogacy agencies, but this isn’t your only option. Which route you decide to take will be 100% up to you and your partner and depends on your unique set of circumstances. Below are five different resources you can use to find a surrogate mother.

Where to Find a Surrogate [5 Resources]

Finding the right surrogate to carry your child is an exciting and important step in your surrogacy process. It can be difficult knowing where to find a surrogate, but fortunately, you have options. Everyone’s surrogacy journey looks different, so what’s right for someone else, might not be what’s right for you.  That’s why it’s important to be as thorough as possible when looking for a surrogate mother.

1. Surrogacy Agencies

If you’re stuck on the question of “Where can I find a surrogate?” your best option is a surrogacy agency or matching professional. Many intended parents choose to work with surrogacy agencies because your surrogacy professional handles most of the matching process for you, while you get to pick the surrogate that you feel is the best match for you.

When you use an agency to find a surrogate mother, any prospective surrogate that you find through them will always be thoroughly screened so you can be sure they’re mentally and physically prepared for the surrogacy process. A surrogacy agency will help you find surrogates that align with your surrogacy goals and help you navigate getting to know your prospective surrogate.

Since your agency takes on the brunt of the effort throughout this process, you’ll be able to focus on your intended parent responsibilities and on getting to know your prospective surrogate mother. Using a surrogacy agency’s matching services when looking for a surrogate is often faster and safer than trying to do it on your own.

2. Fertility Clinics                  

A fertility clinic, sometimes known as a surrogacy clinic, can be a great resource when answering the question “Where can I find a surrogate mother?” While fertility clinics mainly specialize in the medical side of things, many offer matching programs for those considering surrogacy. This isn’t guaranteed across the board, so it’s always good to check in advance before choosing fertility clinic.

While fertility clinics play an important role in the surrogacy process no matter where you find your surrogate, their support often ends when the medical portion of the process is over. If you’re pursuing an independent surrogacy, you may need to take on additional responsibilities when looking for a surrogate.

3. Surrogacy Attorneys

Similarly, some surrogacy attorneys are able to lend matching services. Most surrogacy attorneys have a network of other attorneys and surrogacy professionals to help you find the right match for you. However, most surrogacy attorneys don’t have a lot of time or the appropriate resources to dedicate to helping intended parents find a surrogacy match.

When it comes to where to find a surrogate, you will have to do most of the work if you choose to rely on a surrogacy attorney for matching services.

4. Family and Friends

If you’re pursuing independent surrogacy, you may be able to find a surrogate in your own network of friends and family. You can start by posting on your social media profiles and encouraging your followers to share your post with anyone who might be interested. If you’re wondering “Where can I get a surrogate mother?” and are considering a friend or family member, just know that some surrogacy agencies will provide services for the rest of your surrogacy process.

5. Online Groups and Ads

It’s not uncommon for intended parents to turn to the internet when looking for a surrogate mother. There are many surrogacy groups on social media sites like Facebook that are dedicated to connecting prospective surrogates with intended parents. There are also many surrogacy sites and classifieds where you can post an ad detailing about what you’re looking for in a surrogate, or find ads from prospective surrogates waiting for a match.

While this is an option for you, keep in mind you will be the one responsible for screening any prospective surrogates, which can be a lot to handle on top of your intended parent responsibilities.

There are many different options when it comes to finding a surrogate. It’s up to you to do the appropriate research to determine which one is right for you. If you’re wondering “Where can I find a surrogate?” and want more information about any of the options listed above, you can reach out to a surrogacy professional to get assistance today.

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