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How to Find a Surrogate Mother

One of the most important steps of your surrogacy process is finding a surrogate mother who can help make your dreams of parenthood a reality. Surrogacy is a team effort and the bond you form with your surrogate could be one that lasts a lifetime.

So, what do you need to know when it comes to how to find a surrogate? We’re here to help. Reach out to a surrogacy professional today to get the guidance you need.

Finding a surrogate on your own can be difficult. A surrogacy agency can help you find a thoroughly screened surrogate mother who shares your surrogacy goals and values to ensure a safe and successful surrogacy experience. We’ve created the article below to break down the process of how to find a surrogate.

Finding a Surrogate

Some intended parents already have someone in mind for who they want to be their surrogate. If you’re still searching or want a surrogate who you do not already know, there are a number of ways to find a surrogate that’s right for you. When it comes to how to find a surrogate mother will always be your choice to make. You can use:

Before you begin the journey of finding a surrogate, there are a few factors you will want to consider. If you struggled with infertility, you will want to be sure you are coping with any difficult emotions and are emotionally ready for someone else to carry your child.

Because of all the resources that go into the process, you will want to be sure you are financially prepared to cover your surrogacy costs. You can reach out to a surrogacy professional to learn more about surrogacy requirements for intended parents.

How to Find a Surrogate with an Agency [3 Steps]

If you don’t already have a potential surrogate in mind, a surrogacy agency can help you find a surrogate mother who is perfect for you. A surrogacy professional will sit down with you to determine what you’re looking for and will walk you through how to find a surrogate that fits your preferences. Here’s what that looks like:

Step 1. Create a Surrogacy Plan

When you begin your surrogacy process, you will sit down with your surrogacy professional to create a surrogacy plan. A surrogacy plan will act as your blue print for what you want your surrogacy process to look like and will include what you’re looking for in a surrogate.

Your surrogacy professional will look at your contact preferences, budget, preferred experience, etc. and will help you create an intended parent profile that will go into more detail about your preferences and goals. Your intended parent profile will be shown to prospective matches so they can know more about you.

Before you can officially begin finding a surrogate mother, you will go through a screening process and an in-home assessment to ensure that you are prepared for the surrogacy journey.

Step 2. Find a Match

Once you have met all your surrogacy agency’s qualifications and completed your intended parent profile, you’ll be able to look through surrogate profiles to find your surrogate match. Your intended parent profile will also be shown to surrogates whose goals align with yours. Once you and your prospective surrogate have expressed mutual interest in each other, you’ll be able to get to know each other.

Your surrogacy professional will arrange a conference call between you and your surrogate match where you will be able to ask each other questions to get a better feel for your chemistry. Your surrogacy professional can help you prepare by giving you more background on your surrogate and by giving you some conversation pointers. If you prefer, you can also make arrangements to meet your match in person.

Step 3. Make the Match Official

If you feel like you and your surrogate are a good match, the next step of how to find a surrogate is completing a legal contract with a surrogacy attorney to make it official. The contract will lay out the roles, responsibilities and expectations for both parties. Once you and your surrogate have signed the contract, your match is official!

Can I Find a Surrogate Without an Agency?

Yes. If you already know someone who you want to be your surrogate or you want to find a surrogate on your own, this is an option for you, but it can come with its own unique set of challenges. Without a surrogacy professional to guide you, you will need to complete many of the steps of how to find a surrogate on your own. You will need to:

Without an agency’s matching services, you will need to find a surrogate mother on your own if you don’t already have someone in mind. Without the established services of an agency, you may struggle to find and coordinate many of the useful services a surrogacy agency would be able to provide.

Whether you decide to use an agency when finding a surrogate mother or choose to do so independently, a surrogacy professional is always available to lend you guidance. To get stared with your surrogacy matching process or more information about how to find a surrogate, speak with a surrogacy professional today.

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