Types of Surrogacy

What is Gay Surrogacy?

How LGBT Couples Can Become Parents

As an LGBT couple or individual, your journey to start a family can start to take shape when you consider LGBT surrogacy.

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Gay surrogacy, or LGBT surrogacy, works in the same basic ways as surrogacy for straight, cisgender couples, but there are some unique considerations when it comes to surrogacy for gay couples.

In this article, we will share gay surrogacy options and the basics of surrogacy for gay parents. We will also share helpful information and resources that can help you complete your LGBT surrogacy journey.

What is LGBTQ Surrogacy?

The basics of surrogacy are the same no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. Surrogacy is the process of using in vitro fertilization (IVF) to grow your family using a surrogate, who carries the pregnancy.

In surrogacy, an embryo is formed outside of the body using a combination of gametes from the intended parents and/or donors. Then the embryo is implanted within the womb of the surrogate.

In same-sex surrogacy, that is, surrogacy for gay men or lesbian couples, most couples will need a donor to provide either sperm or eggs to make an embryo, but the child is often genetically related to one parent. This means that lesbian and gay couples can have children who are genetically related to them.

The most common form of surrogacy is gestational surrogacy, which means the surrogate will not be genetically related to the embryo she carries.

Where Can I Get More Information about Gay Surrogacy or LGBTQ Surrogacy?

The best way to get information about your LGBT surrogacy options is to talk to a surrogacy professional. We’ve included a list of surrogacy professionals who can support you on your LGBT surrogacy journey below.

You can also find helpful articles about surrogacy here and here. For a gay couple, surrogacy has some unique considerations. You can read more here.

What Surrogacy Agencies Support LGBTQ Surrogacy?

What to Look for in an LGBTQ Surrogacy Agency

A great surrogacy agency will support you throughout your surrogacy process, this can include:

Advertising to Prospective Surrogates: Surrogacy agencies with robust advertising will be able to find more potential surrogates. This means that you will be able to find the perfect match for your surrogacy journey and you may experience lower wait times.

Screening and Matching Services: In addition to advertising, surrogacy agencies can help you by screening potential surrogates for health problems that could prevent pregnancy, and will make sure that your surrogate is ready and matches what you are looking for on your LGBT surrogacy journey.

Counseling, Education, and Support: Part of screening and beginning the surrogacy process is making sure that you and your surrogate are on the same page. Becoming a parent can also be an emotional journey, which is why great surrogacy agencies offer counseling, education, and support to both intended parents and surrogates.

Surrogacy Plan Development: Do you want to use existing embryos? Adopt an embryo? Need an egg donor? Is there something specific you are looking for in a surrogate? A great agency will help you by walking you through your options and helping you plan for the day you are waiting for: the day you meet your newborn baby.

Legal Services with a Surrogacy Attorney: Surrogacy for gay parents requires legal counsel in several steps, and most importantly, requires an agreement between your family and the surrogate. Great surrogacy agencies will have the legal contacts you need to complete your surrogacy journey.

Coordination of Medical Services: Your surrogacy agency will also be in contact with medical providers. This can include doctors who screen surrogates and your IVF clinic. A great agency can act as a guide through these steps.

Contact Mediation: A great surrogacy agency for your gay surrogacy journey will help you get to know your surrogate and help guide you so that communication is free-flowing and comfortable for everyone.

Financial Protection: Another benefit to look out for is financial protection. While no agency can guarantee a successful IVF cycle or surrogacy experience, some agencies are better than others at protecting you if your surrogacy journey doesn’t take the path you hope. Great agencies may offer to reimburse you for portions of your expenses if this path doesn’t work out.

Multiple Transfer Support: Sometimes the first round of IVF is unsuccessful. In those cases, some agencies may ask you to pay more money to continue your gay surrogacy journey. But some great agencies will continue to offer services for a flat fee, even if it takes more than one round of IVF.

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