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Surrogacy for LGBT Couples

Surrogacy for LGBT couples can be a great way to start the family you’ve been dreaming of.

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Getting information can be the beginning of a beautiful journey for you and your partner, which is why we will share the basics of the LGBT surrogacy process here, as well as LGBT surrogacy costs and LGBT surrogacy laws.

LGBTQ Surrogacy Process

To prepare for your surrogacy journey, it’s helpful to know what to expect.

These steps are common among almost all surrogacy journeys:

1.      Learn about surrogacy

Getting information from surrogacy websites and reading articles like this one can help you start this first step.

2.      Get in touch with a surrogacy agency

With the many steps of surrogacy, sometimes it is easiest to talk to a professional first and learn more to help you decide whether this journey is a good fit for your family.

3.      Complete screening

Once your family has decided on surrogacy, your family will be assessed to assure you are prepared to bring a child into your family—this may depend on your surrogacy agency, but can include a background check and an in-home visit.

4.      Determine where your embryo will come from

Families have the option to use their own sperm and eggs, a donor’s, or adopt an embryo. LGBT couples often consider adopting embryos or using sperm or eggs from one parent and a family member.

5.      Find a surrogate

Your family will be introduced to a pre-screened surrogate, or multiple surrogates until a match is made.

6.      Begin legal process

Once you have found your surrogate, an initial contract is signed and preparations are made for your embryo transfer.

7.      Complete embryo transfer

During the embryo transfer, your surrogate will become pregnant and you will begin your exciting pregnancy journey. If the transfer is unsuccessful, you may try again using the same surrogate or another surrogate.

8.      Finalize the legal process

When your surrogate is pregnant, legal preparations will be made to assure that your child will be legally yours at birth. For LGBT surrogacy, laws can vary state to state on what steps will need to be taken at birth.

9.      Bring home your baby

A few short months later, you will have your child in your arms.

LGBT Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy can be a beautiful way of growing your family, but there are several medical and legal steps that are required to make your surrogacy experience safe and smooth.

To make sure your surrogacy is successful; you will want to find support from the right agency, which is why we recommend considering what is included in your surrogacy cost as well as factors like support and availability, wait time, experience, and LGBTQ inclusivity.

The cost of surrogacy for LGBT couples varies depending on several factors including:

You can read more about surrogacy costs here, or get information from one of these LGBTQ-friendly surrogacy agencies:

LGBT Surrogacy Laws

While several states have laws on the books that make the legal process of surrogacy easier and more certain, there are other states that do not generally grant or enforce surrogacy contracts and pre-birth orders.

Most states fall somewhere in between the two extremes. Since state surrogacy laws vary widely, it can be a complex legal process, depending on your state. That’s why it’s important that you work with a surrogacy attorney who specializes in your state’s surrogacy laws. If you go through an agency, your surrogacy professional can connect you with a reputable surrogacy lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected.

Surrogacy for LGBT couples is an amazing way for you to have a child with whom you share a biological connection with. If you have questions that weren’t answered here or you’re ready to start the surrogacy process, click here to get more information.

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