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Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

LGBTQ Parenting after Surrogacy

Becoming a parent through surrogacy means that you will have the newborn baby that you have dreamed about.

To get more information about becoming LGBT parents through surrogacy, you can reach out to a surrogacy professional today.

While becoming parents through surrogacy is exciting, it can also make potential new parents nervous—the challenges that come with LGBTQ parenting through surrogacy are unique, and as an LGBTQ couple, you may have already faced barriers that others have not.

But there is good news—many LGBTQ couples have already chosen surrogacy and adoption, and raised healthy, happy children. In this article, we will share some of the wisdom that surrogacy and adoption professionals and LGBTQ parents have gained so that you can become the best parent possible.

How to Prepare as Intended Parents

As intended parents through surrogacy, there are several necessary steps to have a child.

The first is often to get in contact with a surrogacy agency and get information.

You can find information on choosing an adoption agency here and a list of gay-friendly surrogacy agencies here.

Becoming Parents through Surrogacy

Once you have found an agency that fits your needs, you will be on your journey to parenthood.

A great surrogacy agency will walk you through the steps of surrogacy, including:

LGBTQ Parent Support

Your surrogacy specialist will be your number one supporter in your surrogacy process. This person will help you as you find a surrogate, who will become a large part of your life for several months or longer, and help you connect.

Many surrogacy agencies can provide support to LGBTQ couples, and as you speak to surrogacy agencies, it is important to find an agency and surrogacy specialist that you trust and feel comfortable with.

As an LGBTQ parent, you might need additional resources, including:

LGBTQ Parenting through Surrogacy

Surrogacy professionals who are also trained in social work can be especially good at helping you build a foundation so that your child grows up with a healthy understanding of their birth story and a strong foundation to build their identity. Adoption and surrogacy professionals generally recommend the following:

LGBTQ Parenting Resources

Parenting is a long journey—it is important to find community support. These resources can be great a great start to find information on gay parenting and parenting in the LGBTQ community:

You can also click here to get information from a surrogacy professional.

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